Sunday, January 10, 2010


r u a cobra in coil
Sheathed in smooth scales?
Slithery creature
Do u believe dat ur real?

Hood half spread, u hiss and spit
Usually shy and nonagressive
Fearful under ur swaying glare
Retract again in the hot clear air

Crawl, climb, coil, crush
u cant swallow me head first
Slinking over the desert sand
Save ur venom, im not ur man

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's gonna be epic!

This time tomorrow life shall be grand
Oh, we shall all be drunken friends!
What will we do on this fateful eve?
Exchange pleasantries? Go somewhere cheap?
...Rocking out to whatever’s on
80’s and 90’s metal/pop songs?
Chilling out at a club...
ZOMG you totally should!

Or eat, drink and play Wii…
Best way to celebrate anything!

Looking forward to shenanigans?
Seriously though, that’s a plan!

The city, the Valley will be packed
We all know the party’s where you’re at!

Monday, December 28, 2009

imitating TV

Murdered and killed. On the rise
The blame. How many die?

Speak out. Change of conduct
Teen gangs. That’s ***ed up.

Hip Hop. Hidden signs.
Advice. Hotlines
Alarming images, pics
Billboards, books
Worldview, curfew

This isn’t Cinemax

Friday, December 25, 2009

amazes me...

Stuffed kitten from a crane machine
A pair of knitted socks
Crappy mini suitcase
Full of crappy make-up

Screen printed puppies
On a yellow pullover
From a 99 cent store

Christmas parties suck for me
My friends all get me chocolate
One ‘gift set’ of toiletries
Nasty and caustic

Secret Santa Party
Ho-ho-hold on one second
Best part of December
But books aren’t presents!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

no worries tutti-frutti

Hello anyone. hello are you?
I don’t believe it, but it’s true.

Young, cute and slightly mad
Your portrait. Who painted that?

Uber awesome and also fab
Tends to be a total slack job

Outside, went on a wee walk
Hanging around legendary folk

Captive of tonight's celebration
Go. There will be hours of fun!

Won’t work out for some reason
Sudden change, as I perceive it

Disappeared just like magic
Because you like to be inactive

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Fav Man

I’m not your normal teenager
I’ve been thru quite a lot
Looks left and right and whispers
I post only in green font

neways, ppl seem to know me
I have a winning smile
On first glance look pretty good
From fashion to hairstyle

So here I am and so r u
…in a brill mood today
I get compliments all the time
Yes, Dear, Literally.

Quiet and dark coz it’s midnight
Getting late I see
Come back take a nap
How time flies away

Too awesome for adjectives
It’s alright for me
Did I mention I’m A Ladyboy
*hug hug* I know you don’t believe.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ya ya....

[Hey dude...Wassa?]

i dont quite remember u

[yeah....why not....ur sooo confused]

m nt confused

[Belated happy burrdae man]

[Plz me you remember me man]

ok ok so i have a bad memory

[yeah....i know that]


den from dere……


shup jus shhuppp…dnt temme netin rite now n confuse me

[i was like, "ummm, ok" probs]

~ May all your dreams and wishes come true!